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Family Spaces


Drop in to the Ryan Learning Center, where admission is always free. Make, look, design, and touch your way through these family-oriented spaces.
A mother and her two children make art in the Ryan Learning Center

Family Room

Mother and daughter using the JourneyMaker interactive in the Ryan Learning Center

Find art-making projects, picture books, things to build with, and the digital interactive JourneyMaker, which empowers you to create a customized family adventure in the museum.

The Family Room is open 10:30–5:00 every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Interactive Gallery

A father and daughter create a drawing in the Interactive Gallery of the Ryan Learning Center

In this participatory space, visitors of all ages are encouraged to engage in hands-on activities that promote creative expression, active family learning, and familiarity with artists’ materials, ideas, and practices.

Current Installation
Room to Move

Through December 31

Inspired by both performance art and the collaborative philosophy of the Bauhaus, this installation invites visitors to step into a performance space, assemble a costume from abstract shapes, and invent ways to move inspired by sounds and abstract designs.

Trott Family Gallery and McCormick Foundation Gallery

Two women explore interactive artwork by children in the Ryan Learning Center

Discover changing displays of artwork made by children, families, teens, and members of the community.

Current Installation
Seeing Through Drawing
Through December 31
Discover the many ways educators at the Art Institute engage audiences of all ages with simple art-making materials and prompts. From student-guided visits, to visitors in the galleries, to classes that take place over a series of visits, slowing down and making art is a rich museum experience.

The Elizabeth Morse Touch Gallery

A closeup of a hand touching a sculpture

Go ahead—touch! Discover how the sense of touch can enrich your appreciation of art with four artworks specifically designed for visually impaired visitors to the museum but available to all.

This exhibition has been funded by the Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust.


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