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Torso Youth

Torso of a Youth, 1 AD–200 AD. Ancient Roman. Robert A. Waller Fund. 

The topic for this month’s Intersections is Seeing Gender/Being Gendered.

What words, behaviors, gestures, and bodies signify gender identity, whether it conforms to binary categories or not? How do we define our own gender for ourselves and perform it to others? Join educators Sam Anderson-Ramos and Nenette Luarca-Shoaf as we use art in the collection as prompts for reflecting on the power and effect of gendered language and looking.

In this interactive lecture series, the Art Institute’s encyclopedic collection serves as a catalyst for conversations about urgent social questions and current events. Come ready to participate and create community through dialogue about art. Educators select featured artworks and post them here one week in advance of each discussion in order to be responsive to an ever-changing world.

Visit the calendar to view upcoming Intersections programs on the second Friday of each month.

To request an accessibility accommodation for an Art Institute program, please call (312) 443-3680 or send an email to as far in advance as possible.


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